“We didn’t know until recently if the conditions on Robinson Crusoe Island would be any good for surfing. But after an expedition in November 2011 with professional surf photographers and cameramen, we realized that not only is it possible but it’s actually a good place for surfing, depending on the conditions each day and the surfer’s ability.

We found three good surf breaks, two for experienced surfers and El Arenal beach, which is ideal for beginners. The most difficult break is El Verdugo (near Valle del Francés), because huge waves are needed for the breaker to move away from the cliffs and create the right conditions. This area is perfect for professionals and the waves can be more than 5 meters (16 feet) high, which makes for a difficult right. The other place, which is a bit friendlier but not easy is Punta Pichoca, which is a left.

There is another place called Bahía Padre with an easy right, but I don’t recommend it because there is a large colony of sea lions there and they might feel invaded. You can camp at the three places I’ve mentioned but don’t forget to take drinking water and other essentials.

During our visit, the weather was good and the people were really nice, willing to help and talk to travelers. We held surf clinics for local people, who were enthusiastic and showed skill and we all had a laugh doing stand up paddle-boarding, a fun sport that anyone can do!”

Martín García de la Huerta
Surf expedition to Juan Fernández

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